3D Product Modeling

3D product modeling is the process of developing a mathematical, wireframe depiction of any three dimensional objects by means of a specific software. It is a very different tool used to design and create objects for 3D animation and other multimedia applications. The process is an ideal way to demonstrate product models with an added dimension and impact that motivate curiosity and attention. It is useful in showcasing products and describing their functions. It utilizes the latest software applications and animation tools in 3D modeling. Today, there is a large and booming market for 3D product models – either as individual models or large collections.

3D Product Modeling Working Process

Here at Weaver 3d, we can generate 3D product models that will successfully demonstrate your product’s storage, function and packaging. We are a complete setting for your 3D product modeling services with extra capabilities to meet your specialized demands. As we incorporate a skilled and experienced team of artists and designers, we have the expertise to make available highly developed 3D modeling solutions. We are able to fulfill all your requirements and expectations within the minimum period of time limit. You will get the highly-stylized, extremely-optimized 3D representations that transform viewers into customers.

With the combination of expertise and creativity, our professionals protract all the dimensions of model in provisions of height, weight and depth with accuracy. High sharpness and resolutions; prominent illustrations; and high image quality are the features of our services. With our ability, many years of experience and resources, we offer you the complete 3D modeling services that make sure an immediate visual feeling of your product. To create a precise reconstruction, we model your product with realistic textures, shadows and reflections using lighting effects. The proper usage of lighting elements and colors make the models appears to be very striking and attractive. In addition, our animators embed the most accurate geometrical symmetry therefore the models are absolutely in good shape. We can deliver you with an excellent quality work at very affordable prices.

3D Product Modeling Samples

Why You Choose Weaver 3D?

No matter the project – large or small – our highly skilled team members are equipped with through knowledge and vast experience. With the right blend of technical expertise and rich experience, our company construct the most inspiring and realistic models. Our 3D product modeling services are used by a number of sectors – entertainment industry for creating computer and video games; movie industry for the production of visual effects; engineering industry for 3D rendering of building plans, new devices or vehicle designs; and medical industry uses for the detailed presentation of organs. With us, you can virtually construct a machine and show how it works without including a piece of apparatus being accumulating in real life. With us, corrections and new ideas are possible. It will save you a lot of money and time as well as improve your probabilities of success.

A brief summery of our 3d Product Modeling Services:

  • Unlimited option to choose the final style
  • Unlimited changes in artwork
  • High resolution file format PSD, EPS, JPEG
  • For any purpose and any size
  • We don’t stop until you totally satisfied
  • Fast Service

Our Other 3d Services

Weaver 3d is a specialized 3D product modeling company with several years of experience in the industry. According to your choices and imaginations, we create interactive 3D demonstrations that will bring customers close to your products. We are also capable in converting existing 2D mechanical designs to 3D model. Our services are highly demanded in a variety of industries such as engineering, animation movies, consumer electronics, heavy equipments, medical and so much more.

We have an experienced team of highly skilled design experts and engineers who are knowledgeable in generating new 3D models from just an idea or a concept. For the production of wonderful 3D product models, we make use of the latest standards and techniques. Since we input the best of our innovations and creativity, the models are pretty unique and appealing.

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